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VMware Charts Networking’s Software-Defined Future For Enterprises and Service Providers with Intent to Acquire VeloCloud Networks

...NSX®-and expand its networking portfolio to address end-to-end automation, application continuity, branch transformation and security from data center to cloud to edge. This acquisition will also further enable VMware to...


The Data Center Network (DCN) plays a critical role in any data center, as it brings all of the datacenter’s resources together into one communication network. In order to handle the growing demands of cloud computing, DCNs need to be scalable and efficient, connecting tens or even hundreds of thousands of servers with each other. As the brain of a company and the location where the most critical processes are run, data center networking and communication systems are central to an organization’s success.

Converged Computing

At TECNASA, our specialized expertise in information technology allows us to combine computing, storage and networking resources together to create a single, optimized IT package for your organization that can be preconfigured and immediately placed in your data center. By merging multiple computing solutions together, we are able to provide both technical and business efficiencies. Converged computing integrates pools of computers, storage and networking resources that can be shared and managed collectively to centralize the management of IT resources, merge systems and increase the use of IT resources and lower costs.

Access Network

Fuerza TECNASA realizes that staying connected is vital to modern business. As such, we provide access networks that connect you to your particular service provider and to other networks. At TECNASA, we customize solutions specifically for unique professional organizations by utilizing the finest components from the most respected networking companies and IT solutions providers in the world. Delivering fast, reliable Wi-Fi performance boosting network efficiency and supporting the growing mobile demands on your network.


...an exchange of valuable information through workshops, networking cafes, talks and panels. At TECNASA, volunteering is a fundamental pillar of the CSR strategy, since thanks to our volunteer collaborators, in...


Maximize the value of your IT solutions without contributing more to your organizational workload. TECNASA’s on-premise managed services offer flexible opportunities for you to utilize our highly skilled, highly trained team of experts to help you manage, operate and optimize your IT.

Trusted Operations

Over a number of years, many clients have confidence that TECNASA will provide business continuity solutions that keep their operation running. Through careful planning and consideration, we ensure your IT infrastructure is resilient, recoverable and prepared to cope with whatever the world throws your way.